Many times, it may happen that a person passes away while he is staying far away from his family members and friends. In such a case, it becomes necessary to get the body transported to the near and dear ones of the deceased so that they can perform the last rites. In so doing, transporting the dead body via air is the quickest and easiest means.  This task, even though may seem easy, isn’t as easy as it appears. The family of the deceased may have to go through a lot of trouble in having to arrange things from a far off land. We, at Human Remains Transport, make all the arrangements so that the dead body can be transported to his family with the utmost care. We are certified “known shippers” according to the terms and conditions of the TSA.

Why Choose Us

 What might possibly look like a difficult task for you, we make it easy. We follow all the necessary steps. We make arrangements for the issuing of the death certificate of the deceased person from the hospital or the doctor. After that, we acquire the contact details of the family of the deceased and start making arrangements for the transportation of the body. The body is carried encased in a coffin. It is then sent for embalming. Embalming is the process by which the body is treated such that it doesn’t decompose. We also inform the death to the local police station and acquire a certificate of No Objection. This helps to avoid the complications that may arise in the near future.

After the embalming, if the dead body is done, it is sealed in a coffin according to the rules and regulations of dead body transportation and dispatched. Meanwhile, we also contact the concerned embassies if the dead body is to be transported internationally. we understand that it is difficult for you to cope with the demise of your loved one, even worse if that happens outside the place of stay of the family members. With our service, it is a consolation that you will at least get back the mortal remains of your loved one and perform the last rites as per your desire. Our services are available at extremely affordable rates.

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