Death is apparently not invited and comes all of a sudden. After the death of a person, the dead body needs to be taken to a crematory or mortuary or accordingly to the home if there is any last riots of the dead body. But before the body is moved to their respective place, the death of the person needs to be confirmed by a therapeutic. Once the death is declared officially and the time and date of the person are on black and white then the dead body can be taken to its respective place. There can be different cases of death as listed below:

Death at Hospital

If a person dies in the hospital, then again the pronouncement needs to be done by the staff and the family of the deceased person needs to be consulted if they are ready for any organ donation. Once these formalities are completed, then the relatives of the person or mortuary staff call for dead body transport service providers for the transportation of the dead body.

Death at Home

If a person dies at his/her house, then a therapeutic need to be sent at the deceased person’s home to pronounce the death.

Death at Nursing Home

In case of a nursing home, the doctors at the hospital can pronounce the death of the person and other staff of the hospital or relatives of the [person can contact the dead body transport service provider to the needful.

Unsuspected Death

If a person does of unexpected death, then the dead body is sent for a post-mortem to identify the actual reason for the death. The post-mortem is conducted at the coroner’s office to authenticate the cause of the suspicious and surprising death of the person, and then the body is released and handed over to the relatives of the deceased person.

Death out of State

If a person dies out of his native land and if their dead bodies need to be sent to their original state for the last riots, then the relatives make arrangements for the transportation of the dead body to their hometown. The burial homes can be of great help in facilitating the transport of the dead body by associating with other such organizations in other cities.

Death Out of the Nation

This can be another case if a person dies out of his country, in such cases the assigned operator needs to contact the country. A request is then made for the transportation of the dead body to the native country or fur burial or cremation in the country where the death of the person occurred.

Requisites after Death

Certain legal formalities need to be completed after the death of a person. Few of them are listed below:

Police Clearance

If the death happens out of the city or out of the country, then it is essential to have a police clearance of the dead body. After the police clearance, only a dead body can be transported to the respective city of the deceased person.

Death Certificates

A death certificate is issued in the name of the deceased person to proclaim the death of the person. This paper is made to confirm the demise of a person, and if any life insurance policies or other benefits are associated with the deceased person, those can be only claimed after the production of the death certificate.

Washing Services

Washing services is another service that the relatives of the deceased person may require to wash the dead body of the person. Separate staff is employed for washing off the body of male and female dead bodies.

Coffin Services

Coffins are required for transporting the deceased person; once the body is inspected a coffin certificate is provided, and the body is transported for the last riots. Coffin boxes are also available in a wide range of all size and shape and can easily be purchased on request.

Transportation Services

Losing a near and dear one is not easy, and it’s a moment full of grief when you lose someone for the entire life. Thus you can contact us anytime when you are in such a condition to let us with your tasks of making transport arrangements and other things. We are always there for you 24×7 to assist you to transport the dead body of the deceased person with full care and concern.

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