Human Remains Transfer is for Dead Body Transportation by Road to Transport dead bodies between cities throughout the country

It sometimes happens that someone near or dear ones expire in the other city while on tour or staying there for work. It is not always possible to airlift the body or to bring back the body home by rail for lack of proper connectivity where the near and dear ones stay to perform the last rituals. However, this can easily be solved by transporting the dead body by road. However, certain norms are to be fulfilled for Dead Body Transport by Road.

The norms & assistance

In the beginning, one should approach the doctor or the hospital to get the death certificate without that nothing is possible. On receipt of the death certificate, one should contact the local police station for No Objection Certificate (NOC) permitting to move the dead body from one district to another or one state to another. The complete details of the deceased should be furnished to the police, and they should include the copy of the death certificate, the proof or identity, the address proof and the contact phone number of any of the family members.

On getting the NOC, one should immediately contact some Dead Body Transport Services by Road agency who have specialized ambulances and vehicles that are air-conditioned and if the distance is more have vehicles fitted with refrigerated box. Many agencies in the country efficiently do the job of Dead Body Transportation by Road and even assist to embalm the body if required or encase the body in a coffin.

They provide 24 hours service throughout the year to help the family of the deceased to carry the dead body to the place of stay.  For short distances, one can take the air-conditioned ambulances to transport the mortal remains and for traveling for few days from one corner to another the vehicles fitted with freezer which maintains the temperature between – 5 to -15 degrees should be hired. In this type of vehicle, the dead body does not perish even there is a jam for weeks on the road.

With the availability of the Dead Body Ambulance Services in India, it has become possible for many to bring the dead body of their near and dear ones to the hometown and perform the last rituals.  With the facilities available and the services provided by the agencies, it is no more a complicated affair to transport a dead body from one place to another by road provided proper documentation and the help of a registered service provider is taken.

Dead Body Transport by Road in India solves the problem for transporting the dead body to the remotest part of the country, and it helps many, who cannot afford to airlift it. There are multiple agencies in the country providing these services.


With agencies that deal with dead body transportation service by road throughout the country, it has provided a great solution to bring back the dead body to the native home. These agencies are expert for transportation, and they are well equipped for transporting dead body by road.

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