if you are Looking for Domestic Dead Body Transportation by Air to Bring home the mortal remains of the deceased. Many times it happens that someone of the family or friends expired out of the place of stay away from the family. It needs Human Remains Transfer for domestic Dead Body Transport by Air in India so that the family and the relatives can perform the last rights.  However, there are some procedures for dead body transport in domestic flight.  Get here the details.

The procedures:

  • It is mandatory to get the death certificate of the deceased from a doctor or the hospital at the place of death.
  • After getting that it is required t contact domestic dead body transport services agencies to carry the dead body encased in a coffin to the big local hospital for embalming and get the embalming certificate.
  • It is better to inform the local police station and get the No objection certificate for domestic dead body transportation by air to another city. It is often required to avoid complications that may arise in the future.
  • Now the person along whom the dead body would travel needs to book the flight ticket and that

      PNR number is used for Dead Body Domestic Air Transport Services as cargo in the same flight.

  • After the embalming is over and all the above procedures are made, the coffin is sealed as per transportation rules and handed over to the air cargo service department through which domestic Dead Body Transportation Services by Air will be taken. One should get the coffin certificate from the agency.

It is indeed a painful moment to cope up with the demise of someone very close and near and that too if it happens outside the place of stay. However, with the domestic as well as International Dead Body Transportation Services by Air, it is at least a consolation that the mortal remains can be brought back home and the last rites can be performed as per family ritual norms or as per the last wish of the deceased. Although the process may seem somewhat complicated, but if the various information like the location of the local police station, the hospital in the city that does embalming, the suppliers of the coffin and the packer, the air rules are known before hand, and all documents are in order everybody extends their hand of co-operation in this types of situations.

One should, however, choose the earliest flight after the total process of documentation and embalming is over so that the body can be flown into the place where cremation will take place. It is always best to seek the help of the national carrier of the country for domestic transporting dead bodies by air as the charges are far more less than the private players. However, airlines book the coffin carrying the dead body at a subsidized rate on humanitarian ground and following the corporate social responsibility ethics.


With the airlines extending their support in the time of personal crisis, one can quickly bring back the mortal remains of the near and dear ones and cremate as per family rituals. Although it pains but there is also a satisfaction that the deceased had been cremated with full dignity.

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