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Dead Body Transportation Services

if you are searching for Dead Body Transport Services Human Remains Transfer is an organization that helps people get the dead body of their family members when they die beyond the geographical limits. Death is a universal truth and one of the most unfortunate things in the world. It becomes more unfortunate when people die far away from their loved ones. It is the fundamental right of everyone to get a place in their native place when they die. There are several laws which help in the transportation of dead bodies to their actual position whether they die in abroad or at a considerable distance from their home in the same country. The necessary things to get the dead body transportation to your home is assembling some documents, managing the transport strategy, and the transportation cost. We help you with everything and make it easy for you to get the dead body transport by Air, Train or Road. Often we hear people expiring while on a holiday trip or at the pace of their work and their body needs to be transported from one place to another. As it is a case of emergency and utmost sentiments, often dead body transportation services by Air, Train or Road needs to be considered although it is a bit costly than dead body transport by Road and train.

Our Services

There is no better way than air transport to get the body as early as possible. The significant gaps in some far away cities of some country make it tough for the body to reach on time with train or road transport. We at human remains transfer provide you Domestic air transport services to get the dead body for the funeral in no time. We feel the pain, and that’s why we are here to help.

When you are out on vacation in another country, and unfortunately one of the members die, it’s tough to get the body back to the country. Also, some people die in abroad while having any medical treatment or on their workplace. The transfer of the dead body from foreign to the native state is an expensive and complicated process, and this is where we help you.

Flight services are often expensive, and it is not possible for everyone to manage that massive cost. When the dead needs to be transported in the same country, train transport services are also an option. We at human remains transport also help you in delivering the Dead body from distant cities to your home city by train so that you can get the body and complete the funeral process.

No matter how small or large the distance is, we understand the emotions and situation when someone you love dies. The body can’t be kept waiting even at a short distance from your home. We at human remains transport, not only provide you with flight and train services, but also make it easy for you to get the dead body from nearby cities at your home by road Dead Body Road transport services.

Dead Body Transportation Services

There is no place like home, and even after death, the body has the right to reach its native location. We are here to get you the dead bodies of your family members at your doorstep from miles away.

What People Say About Us

My father was going through his medical treatment in the US. We live in India, and it was not possible for us to get the body at home. Everything was so complicated, and the pain of losing him was unbearable. Human remains transfer appeared as a blessing for us and made it possible for us to see him for the last time.
Cristina M. Cavazos​
My younger brother was on his job in a remote village far away from our place. An accident took away his breath, and the body was waiting for the funeral process. The whole family was in grief and not getting dead body was even more painful. Human remains transport brought the body by train to our home.
Mamta Devdhar​
My friend met with an accident in a nearby city and died on the spot. No one bothered to take him to the hospital, and the body was still on the road. I contacted human remains transport organization, and they helped me with their ambulance services to get the body to his home. They are doing a great job.
Nakula Ojha

Our Clients

Our General Guidelines for Dead Body Transporatation

Dead body transportation by Air, Train or Road needs to follow some guidelines so that no unnecessary dispute arises during the process.

  • In the beginning, one should have the death certificate given by the doctor who attended the deceased or who declared the person dead. In case the person expired in a hospital or nursing home, the institution must issue death certificate with all details like the name, both local and permanent address, age, sex and cause of death, place, date and time and other statutory requirements.
  • On receipt of this certificate, one should contact the body transfer service provider who will come to the spot with a coffin and transport the body to the nearest medical college or hospital for embalming. It takes around one hour to embalm a body if everything is perfectly arranged. Get the embalming certificate.
  • One should go to the nearest police station and give information in writing that the dead body is being transported to another city for cremation. It avoids future hassles that might crop up. So a police clearance is required to transfer.
  • Now book your flight ticket and get the PNR number to transfer dead body by flight in India as cargo along with the passenger.
  • Now it is time to seal the body in the coffin and get the Coffin certificate and book the cargo.

While you transport dead body on plane India, it is best to book the earliest available flight to take the body to the desired destination. Dead Body Transport by Air Cost is subsidized as all airlines take it on humanitarian ground, but there is no discount on the passenger ticket.


It is always better to know the procedures for dead body transportation by air not only to keep knowledge in case of any fatal incident to the family beyond reach but also to pass on the information’s to others as many do not know the rules and regulations. It is always better to get the best dead body transport service that is available in the city of death as they can arrange the things correctly and can guide the keen of the deceased accordingly. The air cargo offices or the big local hospitals can give you information about them and even if you do not get enough information about the service providers, search the internet or look in the yellow pages and contact them. Many people face trouble arranging for transporting dead bodies by Air, Train or Road due to lack of knowledge. Much time is wasted to gather the information and do the needful. With the above, one can go forward in case of need for Dead Body Transport by Air in India or can inform someone in need.

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